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Mediation provides an opportunity for all of the parties involved in a dispute to take control of the conflict and play an active role in agreeing upon a resolution. Regardless of the nature of the dispute, the salvaging of relationships has resulted in mediation becoming a highly sought-after alternative to the legal system.

Other benefits include:

  • Control:

    Undertaking mediation increases the control that both parties have over the resolution. As a result, it is more likely to produce an outcome that both parties find agreeable.

  • Cost savings:

    Mediation is a highly cost-effective solution to a dispute. This is because each party can share the cost of the mediation, rather than paying for individual legal representation. It is also a faster process, resulting in substantial cost savings in hourly fees and court costs.

  • Time savings:

    While a case in the court system may take years, a negotiated settlement through the mediation process may only take a number of hours. Although the time it takes to reach a resolution varies from case to case, mediation will more often deliver an outcome agreeable to both parties in a fraction of the time it would take to move the case through the legal system.

  • Confidentiality:

    Mediations are held in a private space, with no court reporting, recording or transcriptions made. Mediations are completely confidential, with mediators having a strict Code of Conduct to adhere to (although some exceptions do apply for issues involving child abuse or criminality).

  • Flexibility:

    Mediation provides all parties with the ability to work around employment and family commitments. Rather than responding to a date set by the legal system, parties can agree on a mutually-suitable timeframe and location. A mediation session also delivers more flexibility than the formal protocols of the Courts, with the process generally informal.

  • Increased compliance:

    As opposed to having a decision forced upon you, mediation enables you to take ownership of the outcome. Because this outcome is a result of the parties in dispute working together to develop a mediated agreement, ongoing compliance with that agreement is usually quite high.

  • Maintaining your relationship:

    Particularly with family disputes, one of the most vital elements of mediation is working towards a resolution that not only protects the relationship from hostility during the process, but also preserves the integrity of the relationship long-term.

  • Support:

    Rather than pitching two opposing teams against one another, Mediators are neutral facilitators who engage both parties in defining a range of potential solutions. The Mediation Centre does this while providing support and understanding to all involved.

  • Legal enforceability without the costs

The Mediation Centre focuses on supporting both parties in reaching an agreeable solution with minimal damage to the relationship. This is often not the case within the legal system, but we believe it is absolutely vital when the parties retain a shared investment in their future, be it family or business.

We also recognise that disputes affect more than just those directly involved, and we work hard to minimise that impact, particularly within families.

Why Choose Mediation

Choosing Mediation

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